Self-help resources to improve outcomes, lower costs and guide consumers in their journey to achieve mental and physical wellness


50% of myStrength users with Clinical Depression show meaningful improvement between their first and last assessment.


On average, these users report a 25% reduction in symptoms.


myStrength users who missed work in the week prior to joining myStrength report 53% less work missed.

Potential Productivity Savings With myStrength

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Total Annual Productivity Savings

Covered Employees

  • 50,000 Employees
  • 100k

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“I think myStrength is the next best thing to being in a therapy session”

“This site has made such a difference– I’m so glad it was created! It has helped me get the help and advice I need without going to an office. I am doing this on my terms which is so important to me.”

“I like the variety of tools– video, photos, quotes and e-learning to help me stop and check how I am feeling.”

“Helps me to manage my stress levels, provides me with tools to deal with my mental health conditions, helps me to relax and unwind.”

“I love how personal myStrength is for me.”

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