Evidence-Based Outcomes

Pioneering real-world analytical techniques to measure the value achieved across the diverse myStrength user base.

Real world outcomes ensure real world results

myStrength users demonstrate meaningful improvement, sustained engagement and enthusiastic satisfaction.

High satisfaction rates drive engagement

“myStrength has made such a difference. I’m so glad it was created! It has helped me get the help and advice I need without going to an office. I am doing this on my terms which is so important to me.”

myStrength User

83% as effective as face-to-face therapy benchmarks

Outcomes for our broad base of users – ranging from minimal depressive symptoms to the severe clinical range – show myStrength is nearly as effective as face-to-face therapy, at a fraction of the cost.

Rapid Symptom Reduction in First Two Weeks

myStrength reduces depressive symptoms across the severity spectrum with sustained effects. Real world data shows clinically depressed individuals experiencing a 43% reduction in symptom burden, on average, within two weeks of joining the program.

Delivering measurable impact on health care costs

Early indicators suggest that 70% of myStrength Medicaid users demonstrated a reduction from pre-to-post myStrength usage in paid healthcare claims. These savings span both behavioral and physical conditions.

Published Literature

A select collection of published myStrength peer-reviewed Studies, White Papers, Case Studies, and Presentations. Contact us below to access our complete library.

  • A 21st Century Approach


    Discover how one clinic provided better care while increasing billable hours by 300%. All done with no increase in...

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  • Impact on Substance Use Disorders

    White Paper

    myStrength reduces risk for SUD while dramatically lowering depressive symptoms among users with the highest level of...

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  • Changing the Primary Care landscape

    White Paper

    A PCP’s myStrength referral leads to a life changing outcome.

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  • Leveling up peer interactions

    Case Study

    A peer specialist uses myStrength to provide 24/7/365 support.

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  • Medicaid Population Health Management

    White Paper

    myStrength fosters self-empowerment and resilience, thereby decreasing depression and driving down Medicaid costs.

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  • Supplementing Integrated Care

    Peer Reviewed Study

    An early pilot study of myStrength in a large integrated care setting suggests positive results. Lessons learned...

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  • Trauma Informed Care

    White Paper

    Clinician oriented guide to integrating myStrength into trauma informed care.

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  • Taking Care of Caregivers

    Case Study

    myStrength supports caregivers with tools for self-care and personal wellness.

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Leading the way with a research program which combines classical study design with real world evaluation techniques, myStrength consistently demonstrates value.

Krista Schladweiler, PhD, VP of Health Economics and Outcomes

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