The health club for your mind

Extending Care. Improving Outcomes. Lowering Costs.

myStrength offers web and mobile self-help resources, empowering consumers to be active participants in their journey to becoming – and staying – mentally and physically healthy.

Increase care, reduce costs

Healthcare payers and providers integrate myStrength to extend access to evidence-based resources to help consumers better manage depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders while improving overall well-being.

myStrength is pioneering the delivery of digital self-care technologies that complement current forms of treatment, lessen obstacles to access and extend effective behavioral healthcare at scale.

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myStrength Model

  • Consumer-centered design to foster engagement through web and mobile applications

  • Evidence-based content to drive sustainable behavioral health change

  • Holistic approach to well-being to increase individual relevance and improve outcomes

  • Assessment of outcomes to ensure effectiveness, ROI and continuous innovation

How We Partner

To achieve optimal consumer adoption of the myStrength applications, we focus on innovative technology and the seamless and effective integration within the clinical workflow and the covered member experience.